Embarrassing nail fungus can be effectively treated with laser without the dangerous side effects of oral medication.

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1. Is there clinical evidence to prove that laser treatment cures nail fungus?

Today there is significant clinical evidence to prove beyond any doubt that laser treatment dramatically improves the condition of even a severely infected toenail. As an example, in a recent study conducted on 72 patients over 3 months, follow-up showed that over 90% of the patients were cleared of all fungal infections.

2. How soon will I be able to see improvement to my toenails or fingernails after treatment?

Treatments will not clear a nail immediately. A continuous improvement will be gradual as the nail continue to grow out. Typically, a significant overall improvement will be seen after 3 months. As a rough estimate, toenails may take 9 – 12 months to grow out completely, and fingernails may take 6 – 9 months.

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3. Laser treatment versus drug treatment?

Oral anti-fungal medications are toxic, and may cause serious medical complications. As a result, clients that are taking these medications are asked to go through routine blood tests to make sure their liver is not damaged during the treatment. A laser treatment is completely drug free and there are no known adverse reactions or side effects from use of lasers to treat a toenail fungus infection. Recent studies showed over 90% success rates using the latest generation of laser equipment, done over a 3 month period. Extending the treatment with additional 3 months cured more than 95% of patients. Common systemic antimycotics drugs, that are used over a period of several months are known to have cure rates of only 40 to 80%.

4. How many sessions will be needed?

We recommend a series of 3 – 4 treatment sessions, spaced 3 – 4 weeks apart. This is essential to eradicate all fungi spores that may bloom after your initial treatment. However, significant improvement is usually seen after one treatment.

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5. Does the treatment require special preparation?

Your nails must be free of any nail polish or coatings. Trim nails and clean as well as possible.  

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6. Is the treatment painful?

No. The treatment will not cause any pain at the nail area but you may experience slight pain at the surrounding skin area. You will feel the area under the nail heat up but not to an uncomfortable degree.

7. What are the possible side effects of laser nail fungus therapy?

A mild warming sensation after treatment is common. Possible side effects may include redness of the treated skin around the nail lasting 24 – 72 hours, slight swelling of the treated skin around the nail lasting 24 – 72 hours, discoloration or burn marks may occur on the nail. In very rare cases, blistering of the treated skin around the nail and scarring of the treated skin around the nail may occur.

8. Can I save time and cost if only the infected toenails are treated?

If one of your nails is infected,  the chances are that your other nails are infected as well, so for the treatment to be successful and to prevent future self infections, it is best to treat all the nails at once. 

9. Will the laser cause changes to the nail color after it is cured?

No. Your nail should grow in clear and healthy with no remaining fungal related discoloration.

10. How can I take care of my feet to prevent re-infection?

After care instructions will be provided by laser technician. Common precautions include using anti-fungal agents for shoes, anti-fungal creams or powder to use on nails and between toes if your feet sweat excessively. Bring clean socks and a change of shoes to wear after treatment. Keep your nails trimmed and clean. Avoid wearing the same pair of socks and footwear on consecutive days.

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